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Remodel and New Construction Plumbing • Residential, Commercial, and Underground • Water, Gas, and Waste Systems • All Hot Water Heater Installations • Pumps and Water Filters • ​Emergency Plumbing
License Number CT-23901

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Family owned and operated, servicing the Big Island of Hawaii since 2002.

Residential Plumbing   Emery Plumbing specializes in installing new water and gas pipes for new homes and remodels.  We apply John Mingo’s 35 years of experience dealing with all manner of plumbing, together with state-of-the-art methods to fix or install new plumbing fixtures, including:  solar, standard and instantaneous hot water heaters.  We are experts at installing gas piping.  Call us today for Emergency Plumbing Service or your Dream Plumbing Project.

Commercial Plumbing   John Mingo has 35 years experience installing commercial remodel plumbing, new construction and service plumbing, including: multi-story buildings, hotels, condominiums, restaurants, grocery stores, medical offices, fire stations, tanks, hot water heaters, gas lines, grease traps, pumps —you name it.   From redoing all the internal plumbing at Nob Hill Inn in San Francisco, to installing all the piping on a new high- rise in Papua New Guinea, to installing a Grease Trap under the parking lot of Kawaihae Shopping Center on
The Big Island–John has done it all.  That is why Emery Plumbing is your best choice for commercial plumbing projects on The Big Island of Hawaii!

Underground Plumbing  We provide full underground plumbing services, including: water mains, gas piping, sewer mains, septic systems and cesspools. We install grinder pumps, lift stations, and grease traps. Emery Plumbing does site work and has brought in water main lines to service a neighborhood or even entire subdivision of Kapoho in Puna.  We have also installed several commercial and residential connections to the sewer line in downtown Honoka’a.  Whether we need to bring in an Excavating Machine for your project, or your smaller project demands the more sensitive work of a hand dig– Emery Plumbing is ready to rock and roll. Literally!

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