Margarita “Dayday” Hopkins is seeking to fill the Council District 2 seat that is open this Fall. She is a strong advocate of a County Council that focuses on its local responsibilities so that our children have the opportunity to live and work on our beautiful island. She and her husband (Kevin) have strong ties to the Big Island community. They have been residents of Hilo for 26 years, settling in Hilo after working in agriculture and community development programs overseas for many years. Dayday worked in the County Department of Research and Development for 24 years while Kevin is a professor at UH-Hilo. Their older children, Leyson and Shanon, are graduates of Hilo High and reside in Hilo with their families. Their youngest daughter, Alyxandra, graduated as valedictorian of St. Joseph School in 2010 and is now assigned to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA.

Why is Dayday Running for County Council

Dayday is a trained economist who has observed communities across the world, in both good times and bad. Local government must focus on its key services, primarily public safety and health, while encouraging the private sector to develop a vibrant economy. Without that vibrant economy and a safe environment, our children will be forced to leave the island. She recogniizes that County funds and authority are limited so it must partner with the state and federal government on larger issues. Unfortunately, the current County Council has strayed beyond its “kuleana” and is pursuing activist agendas that restrict the rights of both individuals and businesses and usurp authority from other agencies. The result has been lawsuits, problems in inter-agency cooperation, loss of civility in Council hearings, and wasted resources. More importantly, Council has ignored many of our local issues.

Honesty, Fairness and Respect

Dayday is a trained facilitator who recognizes the importance of listening to various views. But she has the courage to tell our citizens the truth even when it is not what they want to hear. The County Council has become enamored with pseudo-science from the internet. But imaging “facts” does not make them true. Science, logic and economics always win in the end. To make decisions fairly, we must talk to all the people to be affected, including the silent majority who do not have the luxuries of time or money to continually appear before the County Council. Further, the Council has a responsibility to ensure that it has provided the resources needed to implement its legislation. To do otherwise just raises false expectations and ultimately, a general disdain for our laws.


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