Our vision is to create a place where the community can explore and nurture the spirit and creator within. We believe art, music, dance, movement, stillness, awareness, inspiration, wisdom, and most importantly self love and love for all are an integral part of healing and being human.

Our purpose is to hold space for people to connect deeper into their human experience, heal on all levels, and return to what is sacred. It is of great importance for us to teach our youth the value of the arts, community, culture, responsibility, healing practices, connection to spirit, and contributing to balance and harmony on earth. It is of equal importance for us to remind adults of their inner child, enthusiasm for life, joy, peace, freedom, and service.

Ultimately we would like to see people reach a constant state of love, appreciation, and vibrant health! What a blessing it is to live on the Big Island of Hawai’i, where beauty is expressed in every direction. It is alive here, as Pele continually ignites and creates.

Let’s be willing to experience our creative energies. Our creativity always leads to truth and love. Creativity is the Great Creator’s gift to us, and using our creativity is our gift back to the Creator. May we always choose to reflect light and be present in every moment!