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Suggested Donation: $100.00

Minimum Donation: $1.00

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DIA is Downtown’s ONLY collaborative voice for implementing cooperative actions with state and county agencies and other community groups. Your donation to DIA supports our collective efforts to build a stronger more vibrant community.

Issues we address include: public safety and security (vagrancy, theft, grafitti) public works projects (tree trimming, signage, parking, traffic) and beautification projects (planter boxes, landscape programs, banners/flags). Dues monies go into our general fund, our only operating capital outside of grants and donations. From this fund we pay a nominal fee for shared office space, insurance, phone service, a part-time bookkeeper, tax accountant, our PO Box, membership related printing and mailing costs, and unsponsored events like our Annual Membership Meeting, town halls, candidate forums, etc.

Without membership revenue and donations DIA could not exist. Please donate to DIA today.

DIA is a 501 (c) 6 non-profit organization supported through its dues paying members, grants, and through fees collected from special events.