Queen’s Jubilee, for our beloved Queen Lili’uokalani


One hundred twenty years ago, armed US Marines commit an act of war against the peaceful Hawaiian Kingdom, surround Iolani Palace, and arrest Queen Liliuokalani at gunpoint. This enables treasonous private businessmen to unlawfully start their own “government” called the Republic of Hawaii.
A fraudulent “annexation” then becomes the illegal foundation of the so-called “State of Hawaii”,
which is where we find ourselves today.

This January 17th 2013, we invite everyone to put aside their differences and come together to commemorate our Queen, who protested U.S. occupation till the day she died. Six generations have passed since Liliuokalani envisioned the full restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom. It is no accident that she used the words “Oh honest American.” She knew that one day American people with integrity and courage would stand up with their Hawaiian brothers and sisters to restore our Peaceful Hawaiian Nation. It was an act of war then, and still is an illegal occupation today.

Come out on the ala nui kahiko and get to know your neighbors as we commemorate our beloved Queen; for all that she did for us then, which also guides and inspires us today. Let’s work collaboratively as one People, to ho’o ponopono and make things right. Our ultimate goal is full political and economic independence for Hawaii. It is our right, our responsibility, and our destiny.

Please visit www.alohauprising.com for full details on this event!

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