How to View the Lava

How to experience the Kilauea Volcano

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is accessible by Mass Transit Bus, but the timing is limited. Furthermore, destinations within the park are far apart, and the Mass Transit Bus stops right at the Visitors Center. It does not travel through the Park. Viewing the active lava can be tricky and sometimes not possible by ground travel. The best way to view molten lava is from the air by helicopter. If you have rented a car, and are planning to visit the Park on your own, come on by the Hilo Information Center for an in-depth overview of what to see when you’re at the park and on the way.

Tour companies who visit the park include:

  • KapohoKine Tours
  • Lava Ocean Adventures
  • Miranda’s Tours: 808-936-8660. They offer guided tours for $220 round-trip from Hilo. Prices may vary, as they can do a flat rate or a metered rate.
  • Maile Tours: 808-747-3678. This taxi company offers an in-depth tour, with visits to the Mauna Loa Mac Nut Farm and Factory, Akatsuka Orchid Farm and Outlet, and the Hilo Coffee Mill. Price is around $300.
  • Ali’i Hilo Tours: 808-895-5448. They offer a 15-passenger van, so price is about $65 per person.
  • Mr. K’s: 808-964-1111. Mr. K offers stops at Mauna Loa Mac Nut Farm and Factory, and Akatsuka Orchid Farm and Outlet. A round-trip goes for about $300.
  • Maikai Ohana Tours: 808-969-1030. If you desire a Japanese speaking tour, Maikai Ohana Tours operates in Japanese. They offer a detailed tour of the National Park, which takes a full day. Price is about $130 per person.

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