Greater Hilo Destinations

From Hilo Information Center, 329 Kamehameha Avenue to:


Big Island Candies

Take a LEFT on Kamehameha Avenue. Just after the bridge, at the Manono Street traffic signal, take a RIGHT onto Manono Street. When you reach the Kekuanaoa Street traffic signal, take a LEFT onto Kekuanaoa Street. Take a LEFT onto Hinano Street. Big Island Candies is right there on the corner. This trip is about 1.7 miles, and 5 minutes.


Imiloa Astronomy Center

Take a RIGHT on Kamehameha Avenue, go down two blocks to the traffic signal. Take a LEFT onto Waianuenue Avenue, headed uphill. Take a LEFT on Komohana Street, at the traffic signal. Continue for a ways, until you reach Nowelo Street. Take a LEFT on Nowelo Street. The Imiloa Astronomy Center is just down a bit, second driveway on the left side. This trip is about 2.7 miles and 7 minutes.


Hilo Tropical Gardens

Take a LEFT on Kamehameha Avenue. Kamehameha Avenue merges with Hwy 19 at the first traffic signal. Continue on Hwy. 19 through a second traffic signal. At the third signal, this is the junction of Hwy 19, Hwy 11, and Kalaniana’ole Avenue. Go straight through the signal onto Kalaniaana’ole Avenue. You are heading to an area called Onekahakaha. Hilo Tropical Gardens is on the LEFT side, next to Hilo Homemade Ice Cream. This trip is about 3.3 miles, and about 10 minutes.


Wailuku River: Rainbow Falls & Boiling Pots

Take a RIGHT on Kamehameha Avenue, go down two blocks to the traffic signal. Take a LEFT onto Waianuenue Avenue. Stay to the right, as the road splits. Take a RIGHT onto Wailuku Drive, and another RIGHT onto Rainbow Drive. Rainbow Falls is on the right side about 2 blocks up. This trip is 1.9 miles and about 5 minutes.

Boiling Pots is another viewing point of the Wailuku River. To get there, continue up Rainbow Drive, which will return you to Waianuenue Avenue. Take a RIGHT on Waianuenue Avenue, continuing uphill. Take a RIGHT on Pe’epe’e Falls Road. This trip is just less than a mile, and will take about 5 minutes.

PLEASE DON’T SWIM in the rivers. Wailuku River is infamous for accidents and deaths due drowning or disease. Wailuku, in the Hawaiian language, means Waters of Destruction. Wai is for the water, and Luku for the destruction.